July 28, 2018

My workaround for mpv in fullscreen sometimes spawning on the wrong monitor

When I run mpv with the flag --fullscreen in my window manager i3, the client sometimes spawns on the wrong monitor. The reason for this behaviour is due to the fact that i3 doesn’t support the EMMH hint called “_NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS”, which is something you can read more about on their issue tracker here. Continue reading →

July 19, 2018

How to delete files and folders older than N days

There’s a lot of tips and recommendations about how to delete files and folders older than <N> days on the web, but you can’t as far as I know do it with only one command. And running rm -rf in the shell without any confirmation feels a bit too risky as well. Because no matter how experienced you are, accidents do happen. :) Continue reading →

July 13, 2018

Automatically hide your mouse cursor with Unclutter

If you almost never use the computer mouse like me, you are most likely also finding the mouse cursor distracting and in the way of your work. But there’s actually a way of automatically hiding it when it’s not being used and it’s made possible with the tool Unclutter, or more preferably with unclutter-xfixes. Continue reading →

July 9, 2018

Trash-cli - A command-line interface to the FreeDesktop.org Trash

So, I’m sure I’m not the only user who has in the past mistakenly deleted the wrong file(s) in the shell. And it always seems to be that one super important document you just spent like five sweaty hours on as well. :/ Continue reading →

June 25, 2018

Abook - A Ncurses address book application

Abook is a simple Ncurses address book application. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking something simple, both in terms of footprint and usability. Or perhaps you’re just tired of keeping everything in the cloud. :) Continue reading →

June 24, 2018

µTimer - A command-line timer

µTimer is a neat little command-line tool that features a timer, countdown and stopwatch. Continue reading →

June 17, 2018

toot - A Mastodon CLI client

My main Mastodon client is Bitlbee with the plugin bitlbee-mastodon, it’s nice having both IRC, XMPP and Mastodon under the same roof. But it only comes with the very basic features; reading, replying, liking and boosting posts. Which is for the most part enough for me, but I sometimes post images and maybe want to check out a profile. Continue reading →

April 18, 2018

StreamCurse - A Ncurses frontend for Streamlink

When I’m at the computer I often like to have some background noise to keep me company at nights. Twitch and other livestreaming services is perfect for that, you really don’t get distracted and you don’t miss anything if you don’t pay attention to it either. Continue reading →

April 12, 2018

sxiv - A simple Vi-like image viewer

sxiv is a fast Vi-like image viewer with a suckless approach to it. It’s fairly lightweight in terms on its footprint, but it still has everything that you can expect from an image viewer and on top of that it’s also scriptable. Continue reading →

April 9, 2018

Converting Markdown to HTML

To convert Markdown-documents to HMTL-documents I use Markdown2, which is a complete implementation of Markdown in Python. Continue reading →