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Installing dictionaries in GNU IceCat

If you’re using the web browser GNU IceCat you might have noticed that you can’t just click on any dictionary to install it. Continue reading →

How to more quickly jump around in Vim using marks

There is endless ways of both jumping and navigating in Vim. One of those ways is using something called marks. You can think of it like precise bookmarks that you can quickly set and then jump between. Continue reading →

Getting started with folding in Vim

Folding in Vim means that you visually (and locally) fold parts of the document. Just the way you (hopefully) fold a towel before putting it in the closet to save space. Continue reading →

Display the time it took to run a command in zsh

zsh-command-time is a neat little plugin for zsh that displays the time it took to run a command. Continue reading →

Running scripts in your shell without specifying the absolute path

If you want to run a script (or any executable file) in your shell you have to specify the absolute path to it. This might not always be a desired way of doing it, especially if you often use the script or if you want to call it from a launcher like Rofi or dmenu. Continue reading →

How to upload files to NextCloud using only a shell script

The script Share Link Creator is a handy shell script written in Bash that lets you upload files to you NextCloud-server using the shell. Continue reading →

How to fake a dual monitor setup using xrandr

A completely random but very friendly user named Elodin from the IRC-channel #i3 on the freenode network wrote a Python script for me. It’s a script that lets you fake an dual monitor setup on a single monitor setup. And it has been working really good for me so far! Continue reading →

I went from a multi monitor setup to just a single monitor setup

After more than 5 years with my three 24” 1080p monitors I have decided to go back to just one single monitor. While a multi monitor setup is cool and all, I’m not so sure about what value it truly adds for me anymore. Continue reading →

tty-clock - A clock widget for the console

As much as I like my panels with Conky and all the neat information it shows [Example], I prefer keeping the panels hidden to not distract me. This means I have no way of telling the time. Continue reading →

Disable highlights based on specific strings in WeeChat with per channel rules

One of the IRC channels I’m on is a bridge to a public Minecraft server. Every time I write something in the game on that server the IRC channel shows me this: Continue reading →