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September 23, 2018

Launch Twitch streams via Rofi using Twitchy

Sep 28, 2019 - I updated the script to fix an issue with some stream titles causing the stream uptime to not work properly.

I wrote this little script for Rofi that lets me launch Twitch streams using Twitchy. It requires Rofi, Twitchy and Streamlink to work.

My script for Rofi that lets me launch Twitch streams using Twitchy


handle_selection() {
	if [[ $1 ]]; then
		name=$(echo $1 | awk {'print $1'})
		notify-send "Twitchy" "Launching the livestream with $name"
		streamlink https://twitch.tv/$name --title "$name - Twitch"
        exit 1

handle_selection "$( twitchy --non-interactive | sort | awk -F, '{print $1 " - " $(NF-1) " [" $(NF-2) "] (" $(NF-0) ")"}' | rofi -font "xos4terminus 12" -m 0 -bw 3 -dmenu -i -p 'Twitchy' -hlbg '#5FA5D7' -bc '#5FA5D7' )"

I use this script to list my Rofi scripts in Rofi:

cd $HOME/Scripts/rofi; menu=$(find -L . -printf '%P\n' | sort | tail -n +2 | rofi -font "xos4terminus 12" -m -0 -bw 3 -dmenu -i -p "Rofi Scripts: "); ./"${menu}"

And I have bound it to Alt+Shift+p in i3:

bindsym $mod+shift+p exec "sh $HOME/Scripts/rofi-scripts.sh"
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