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[ Last updated: May 4, 2019 ]

This is a blog—mostly and not exclusively—about things regarding Linux, plaintext, the command-line and minimalism. I also enjoy things like mechanical keyboards, tea, Vim and life in general. You can expect to see a few posts about other—family friendly and drama free—topics from time time to time as well. :)

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Hej! My name is Johan. I’m a Swedish INFJ-dork and an avid GNU+Linux user who feels strongly about libre software and the libre culture. I’m a big advocate of both the UNIX philosophy, the KISS-principle and the worse is better-concept. I consider them all to be healthy philosophical approaches to both minimalist and modular software, as well as life itself.

The name and the avatar

“Hund” means dog in Swedish (and in Norwegian, Danish and German). To make a long story short; I really like dogs! My avatar is a really old picture of our first black hunting Labrador[1] sitting in the bathtub with a training dummy for dogs.

  1. Hunting Labrador is like a sporty version and slightly smaller version of the regular Labrador.


I got into Linux back in late 2006 when a friend gave me a printed CD with Ubuntu 6.06. It didn’t take long before I was completely sold on Linux and the libre software philosophy. I quickly became active in the Swedish Ubuntu LoCo and I ended with an Ubuntu Membership back in 2009. I have since then continued being involved in various open source projects to this day.

My current Linux distributions of choice is Gentoo, Devuan and Alpine Linux. One thing they all have in common is that they don’t use Systemd. I think that the init freedom is important.


As you might have started to figured out by now, minimalism is something that I like a lot. The meaning of minimalism varies a lot depending on who you ask. For me it’s about keeping a healthy balance in life. It’s about freedom, thoughtful and a efficient living. Only owning and needing the right amount of things to help you keep focused on what’s truly important in life.

And not so much about limiting yourself to a set amounts of items just because “less is more hipster”. Or setting your desktop wallpaper to the colour #FFF and then calling that true minimalism, while the rest of the computer, including the installed software and your unorganized files resembles some epic aftermath from a Michael Bay movie.


One of my largest hobbies is actually keyboards. I use my keyboards a lot! I prefer plateless, compact and programmable keyboards with light linear switches. A compact keyboard that’s programmable means that I can efficiently use it without reaching for any key that’s far away. This is my primary keyboard and this is my secondary keyboard that I use with my home theater computer.

This website

This website is powered by the blog-aware static site generator Jekyll and it’s currently hosted at GitLab. You can find the source code for my website here.

The design

I wanted the design to match the theme of my website. As a minimalist who is interested in both creative design and the brutalist concept, I wanted my website to be both attractive and minimalistic (both in terms of design and code) while balancing the concept of brutalist design.


Feedback is always welcome. Good or bad! I’m not a web developer in any way. I have actually—never—worked with computers in any way. This is just a hobby that I do for fun! If you find any issues with my website let me know!

I also don’t mind feedback on my English. I started blogging in English back in 2017 to improve my English and if you find something wrong with it, let me know about that as well. :)

Privacy Policy

No tracking, no cookies and no nonsense. The website is hosted at GitLab for free. GitLab is a open source project, but their services is hosted at cloud.google.com. Which is not ethical. That’s why I’m looking into moving my website to a more permanent home in a more ethical cloud. Please feel free to send me any tips and recommendations!

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