Linux, plaintext & minimalism

My Desktop - Mars 2019

It has been a long time since I last put up my desktop for display. To be fair it doesn’t really see much changes these days anyway. Continue reading →

Automatically reconnect to lost SSH connections using autossh

I’m a heavy user of SSH and one thing that used to bother me was the fact that when I suspended my computer I would (logically) loose the connection to all things connected via SSH. Manually reconnecting the same things several times a day gets old fairly quickly. Continue reading →

Basics with GNU Screen

I’m aware of the fact that most people prefer Tmux today. I’m not one of those. :) It’s not because it’s bad or anything. I have always been using Screen—long before Tmux was a thing—it’s what I’m used to. Continue reading →

Adding drop shadows to images with ImageMagick

Here’s a quick little tip on how to add drop shadows to images via the command-line tool ImageMagick. Continue reading →

Nick completer in WeeChat 2.4 no longer add spaces by default

With the beginning of WeeChat 2.4 (released 2019-02-17) a space is no longer automatically added when you complete a nick at the beginning of command line. Continue reading →

I moved my numpad to my alpha keys and it's actually usable

I used to have half of my Let’s Split keyboard as my numpad, but I didn’t feel right wasting a semi-expensive custom keyboard on number inputs only. It also had too much keys and it took up way too much space on the desk anyway. Continue reading →

Gweled - A fun puzzle game with gems

If you’re a fan of Bejeweled and similar puzzle games you will most likely enjoy this game a lot. It’s called Gweled and you could probably figured out what it’s all about just by looking at the picture below. Continue reading →

My Bash-script for printing online channels using Twitchy

I couldn’t find an actively maintained TUI or interactive CLI-client. And I didn’t want to manually check who’s online on Twitch. I then decided to make a Bash-script that prints who’s online every N minutes with some fancy colours to make it look good. This is the result: Continue reading →

Zathura - A lightweight Vi-like document reader

Zathura is a lightweight Vi-like document reader with a minimal user interface. It supports different file formats via plugins. Support is currently available for PDF (via poppler and MuPDF), PostScript, DjVu and EPUB. Continue reading →

A collection of handy ways of manipulating text in Bash

Here’s my collection with handy ways of manipulating text in Bash. I have tested all of these commands with GNU Bash 4.4.23 (or newer). If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to send them to me via any of the listed ways in the footer or by creating a issue on GitLab. Continue reading →