Linux, plaintext & minimalism

Use a pixelated version of your desktop as your lockscreen with i3lock

I decided it was time to spice up my lockscreen, I’ve been using the same old static picture for what feels like years now. Continue reading →

Tab completion for i3 commands in Bash and zsh

Something I miss from other window managers like Herbstluftwm is tab completion in the shell for the commands and features it supports. Partly because I’m lazy and partly because it’s not that easy to remember every feature when you rarely use them. Continue reading →

ytp - A super light command-line client for YouTube

I’ve been using youtube-viwer for a long time now and it’s a great command-line client for YouTube. It’s packed with features that allow you to use pretty much every feature possible on YouTube, but it comes at a price; the footprint. Continue reading →

Adding line numbers to a list in Vim with awk

I have finally found a good way of adding line numbers to a list in Vim. Most tips I’ve found so far has been overly complicated and with various success, this option uses awk and it’s in return a bit simpler. Continue reading →

Automatically converting emojis to plain text in WeeChat

Something I’m not a huge fan of is emojis, I have always preferred using the classic emoticons like :). And it’s not that emojis are all bad, it’s just that they’re not very consistent across devices, sometimes not even across applications on the same device and some applications don’t even support emojis to begin with. Continue reading →

Automatically disable syntax highlighting in Vim when editing the zsh buffer

I often edit my zsh buffer in Vim and one of the reasons for it is to have access to spell check (using GNU Aspell). Continue reading →

Edit the zsh buffer with your $EDITOR of choice

If you spend a lot of time in the shell you also probably edit a lot of commands, which at times can be tedious when they’re getting a bit to long and complex. Being able to easily fire up your $EDITOR of choice when needed can therefore be a real blessing. Continue reading →

Hiding specific nicklists in WeeChat with toggle_nicklist.py

I use Mastodon via WeeChat and Bitlbee, this means that I also get a nicklist with a lot of users from Mastodon, which is not very useful and it only takes up a lot of valuable screen space. Continue reading →

Spell check and auto correction of commands in zsh

It was actually very recently when I found out about this feature, I was looking for something else and happen to stumble upon this neat feature. Continue reading →

My workaround for mpv in fullscreen sometimes spawning on the wrong monitor

When I run mpv with the flag --fullscreen in my window manager i3, the client sometimes spawns on the wrong monitor. The reason for this behaviour is due to the fact that i3 doesn’t support the EMMH hint called “_NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS”, which is something you can read more about on their issue tracker here. Continue reading →