Linux, plaintext & minimalism

StreamCurse - A Ncurses frontend for Streamlink

When I’m at the computer I often like to have some background noise to keep me company at nights. Twitch and other livestreaming services is perfect for that, you really don’t get distracted and you don’t miss anything if you don’t pay attention to it either. Continue reading →

sxiv - A simple Vi-like image viewer

sxiv is a fast Vi-like image viewer with a suckless approach to it. It’s fairly lightweight in terms on its footprint, but it still has everything that you can expect from an image viewer and on top of that it’s also scriptable. Continue reading →

Converting Markdown to HTML

To convert Markdown-documents to HMTL-documents I use Markdown2, which is a complete implementation of Markdown in Python. Continue reading →

My keyboard - The Black Diamond

This is my second custom built keyboard. I named it the Black Diamond since the case is called Diamond in Chinese, which sounds way better than the international name which is “5°”. Continue reading →

My keyboard - Let's Split

This is the first keyboard that I have built myself. I wanted something easy and fairly inexpensive to start with since I didn’t have any previous experience with soldering. I also wanted to try both a ortholinear keyboard and a split layout. Continue reading →

My keyboard - Filco Majestouch 2

This keyboard is about a year old now, but I recently got my new custom and very expensive cable for it, so I thought it was time to share it here. Continue reading →

My keyboard - KBParadise V60

This is my slightly modded KBParadise V60 with new keycaps and a custom cable. It’s also my first and last ANSI keyboard. Continue reading →